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Kitab Al-Qabasat: The Book of Blazing Brands -- Mir Damad
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Kitab Al-Qabasat: The Book of Blazing Brands -- Mir Damad

ISBN: 978-159267-068-0
Author: Keven Brown
Price: $ 49.95

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About The Book

Kitab al-Qabasat by the Iranian philosopher-theologian Mir Damad (1543-1631) is a major philosophical defense of his theory of the perpetual creation of the universe (huduth dahri) against both the position of theologians that it was created in time and the position of the philosophers that it is eternal. Mir Damad divides reality into three containers, each of which sustains and encompasses the container directly following it: (1) the container of eternity (sarmad), which has neither beginning nor end and no cause for its existence, (2) the container of perpetuity (dahr), which has a beginning and a cause but not an end, and (3) the container of time (zaman), in which things have both a beginning and an end in time. The first realm applies only to the essence of God; the second realm applies to the whole of everything other than God in relation to Him; and the third realm applies to the relation of temporals to each other.



Keven Brown's translation into English of the complex Arabic text of al-Qabasat is to be included among the best philosophical translations in the tradition of Islamic philosophy.... His translation is lucid and in many ways is an analytic way to uncover the complexities of the Arabic text. I can state in very strong terms that Brown's English translation allows the student of philosophy to penetrate the refined technical discussion and analysis of the complex that defines 'huduth dahri' in ways that reading the Arabic text alone may not....Brown has truly made a lasting contribution to the history of philosophical analysis and his publication should be commended for the depth of analysis and for the care taken in translating a very complex text.

--Hossein Ziai, Professor of Islamic and Iranian Studies at UCLA, since 1988. Ph.D. in Islamic Philosophy from Harvard University in 1976.


About The Translator

Keven Brown received his Ph.D in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures from UCLA in 2006 and wrote his dissertation on Mir Damad. He has contributed five articles on al-Qabasat to the International Journal of Shi'a Studies. Currently he teaches English and works as a contributing translator for the Institute of Isma'ili Studies in London.

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